Pre-Pool Mobility

Dynamic poolside warm ups are essential elements of any pre-training or pre-competition routine. They help prepare the body for the demands to come, by:

1. Increasing the body temperature allowing muscles to work more efficiently.

2. Getting the heart and lungs ready for vigorous activity.

3. Stretching muscles actively, preparing them for the forces to be experienced.

4. Ingraining proper movement patterns and coordination.

5. Waking up the nervous system and getting the brain talking with the muscles.

BRSC uses Swim England's pre-pool warm ups, performed in the order of: Raise, Mobilise, Activate and Prime. 

To ensure the swimmer has warmed up adequately, please arrive 10 mins before training to carry out pre-pool routine.



It is very important that you arrive at your training session or competition properly hydrated.

When you are swimming it may seem like you're not sweating, but you are, so making sure you drink enough during training is essential. Therefore, bring a plastic drink bottle with you for each session.


A healthy diet will help you train harder, perform better, recover faster, reduce your chances of illness and gain a competitive edge. 

Before training

Fuel up: Eat a meal 2–3 hours before training (carb & protein & fat – low GI)

Hydrate properly: drink 200 - 300ml 2h before swimming

Suitable pre-training meals

Jacket potato with cheese, tuna or baked beans plus veg.

Pasta with tomato-based sauce or pesto; cheese, tuna or chicken; plus veg Rice with chicken, fish or beans plus veg.

One pot dish with pulses, veg, lean meat or fish PLUS potatoes or pasta Sandwich/ toast with tuna, cheese, chicken or peanut butter.

If you don’t have time for a meal (eg early morning training), have a snack 30 min before training with 200 – 300 ml water. You should NEVER train on empty!

Pre-training snacks

Toast (wholegrain) with honey or jam

A banana (or other fresh fruit)

A handful of dried fruit (e.g. raisins, apricots)

A cereal bar

Porridge or wholegrain breakfast cereal with milk

During training

Prevent dehydration: drink plenty

Refuel (if training hard for > 1 hour): carbs drink around 300 - 500 ml per hour

drink little and often, ideally every 15 – 20 minutes

If training for 1 hour: water or sugar free squash

If training 2 hours: diluted squash (1:6 or more) or diluted juice (half and half) or isotonic sports drinks (40 – 60g sugar per 1 litre)

After training

Re-hydrate: drink straight away (water or diluted juice) 

Refuel: carb & protein snack within 30 min

500 ml milk, milk shake or flavoured milk

One banana plus a handful of nuts

2 pots (2 x 150g) of fruit yoghurt

One cereal bar plus 1 pot of fruit yoghurt

Wholemeal sandwich or toast with peanut butter or cheese

For more information and easy healthy recipes: 

Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes by Anita Bean, available from amazon or book shops

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