Training Equipment

To ensure all swimmers complete their training programme and not miss out on vital swim training development. All swimmers are required to have training equipment and a drink bottle (No Glass or Metal bottles). Below is our recommended equipment you will need for training.

Club Swim Training Hat £7 each - available from poolside.

Mesh Equipment Bag

Essential item for keeping all of your equipment together!


We recommend you have a pair, plus a spare for competing. Make sure they are properly adjusted and fit well.

Pull buoy

We use pull buoys to isolate the pull and maintain body alignment on some pull only sets. 

Short Training Fins

We recommend short training fins. Gives the swimmer feel for the water movement.


Helps develop the swimmer's kicking technique and speed. It can also help to develop their ankle strength and flexibility. 

Strapless Hand Paddles

Hand paddles are recommended for technique work, they encourage correct position of the hand. They are quick and easy to put on as no fiddly straps!

Swimmer’s Snorkel

A snorkel is a very useful piece of training equipment as it allows swimmers to focus on technique.

Nose Clip

Most swimmers find they need a nose clip to use with their snorkels, especially when they are learning to use a snorkel.

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